Correx Hoardings


Branding Panels - low cost and easy to install.


If you have an existing hoarding in place and have a small budget to brand your hoarding branding panels may be the perfect solution for you.


We can produce company logos, site and contact information onto smaller panels of correx or aluminium composite and install them to your hoarding.


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Aluminium Composite Hoardings


Composite Hoarding Panels - the traditional way to clad your existing plywood hoarding


Aluminium composite panels are a lightweight internal and external display panel - a perfect solution to clad your existing plywood site hoarding.


Aluminium composite is a polyethylene panel faced with two sheets of aluminium perfectly smooth to accept vinyl or direct print.

They can also be supplied as pre-coloured sheets for the application of self adhesive graphics and can be cut to any intricate shape.


Unlike correx or PVC foam, aluminium composite is perfect to clad your existing hoarding because of its limited rate of expansion and contraction in all weather conditions.


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